Sharing our true passion for trading.

Cryptopatterns mission is to help everyone build investment and trading strategies that allow them to stay safe and profitable. We strive to protect traders and investors through education and financial management strategies used by professionals with decades of experience in a wide variety of global markets.

We are an educational service that has informed 1000’s cryptocurrency traders and investors since 2016. We’ve proven and refined our approach through over 40 years of combined trading and investing experience. We offer the information and training of key fundamentals that are essential to successfully participate in the highly volatile and often dangerous new cryptocurrency market.

As the internet explosion of the early 2000’s proved, new technologies can have an important place in everyone’s financial portfolio. We are committed to helping those who do not have unlimited resources and insider information participate in the cryptocurrency revolution in a way that fits their personal financial position, and achieve long-term success safely and profitably.


Jon Pearlstone - CEO | Founder

Jon founded CryptoPatterns in 2016, which started as the premium newsletter and has evolved to the leading cryptocurrency trading education program on the market.  On a mission to find the best values in the cryptocurrency space while preserving capital, he is focused on improving investor awareness and creating the most profitable portfolio possible while responsibly managing risk and creating meaningful analysis and educational materials to help traders and investors make decisions consistent with their goals. 

David Grodsky - President

As someone who has been consumed by trading since entering the industry in 1987, David is an experienced industry leader who is committed to trading profitably and safely. As a trader and manager of trading teams, David has developed a unique perspective due to his longevity and experience trading in varying market environments.  Influenced by his own trading mentors along the way, he aspires to teach the next generation of traders how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably and safely.





Cryptopatterns has shown me just how important trading skills are.  Not only have I made a lot more money since getting guidance from CryptoPatterns, I have been able to avoid huge draw-downs which has made trading much more enjoyable.


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L. L.

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P. G.

I have traded stocks and options for years and have ridden the roller coaster of huge gains followed by being trapped in huge losses too many times. Now that I work with Cryptopatterns, I've learned how to build my system and know I can participate in the even bigger roller coaster of volatility that Bitcoin and Crypto have brought to the markets!

B Z.

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K. S.

I am retired and live on fixed income which has been very challenging with low interest rates.  Thanks to CryptoPatterns I now have a system to produce regular income that can help my live a much better quality of life --without taking crazy risks!  I am very grateful for your guidance.

A.  J.