Where can I find CryptoPatterns on social media?

We currently offer a live community in our Free Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and Reddit.  We are also active in the crypto community and do educational presentations for trading groups and at crypto events.

Do you offer trading signals?

While we do share trading strategies, CryptoPatterns newsletter is designed to offer TRADER EDUCATION.  We simply share patterns, indicators and targets all trades are investments made are the 100% responsibility of the subscriber


How does CryptoPatterns give me an edge?

We built our proprietary CryptoPatterns Trading System drawing on over 40 years of full time trading experience (30 professionally) in a wide variety of global markets.  The more you learn about our system, the more you'll see how to build a comprehensive trading strategy that works for you to keep you safe and profitable.

Does CryptoPatterns offer private trader education services?

Yes, we offer Strategy sessions for serious traders and investors who want to build a comprehensive trading strategy that goes well beyond the knowledge and trading skills our newsletter can provide.  We start with a 1 hour phone/skype strategy session where we share how to craft a step by step game plan to hit your income goals and to avoid huge losses year after year, all while reducing your stress levels!  This session is FREE.  Contact us HERE to see if you qualify for this service.

Can Cryptopatterns help my trading if I'm a beginner?

The short answer is YES, however,: our daily updates are meant to benefit traders from beginner to wall street professional.  Therefore we focus our daily updates on information that may not be immediately clear to beginners.  To make our updates valuable to all,  We have an Education Section you can use to learn some basics and also visit a wide variety of basic trading sites to get "up to speed" quickly and get the most from your CryptoPatterns subscription.